[ASSEMBLING] Blizz Ard Search Team! (BAST)

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Ethy202, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Welcome! This team has not been assembled yet, but the BAST is open to everyone! This group is a bring your own stuff type thing, so don't expect to get food or armor for free from this team. Our goal is to be a team, share the drops from the mobs and chests. If someone dies on the trip, collect their stuff and save it for them. Just be sure that you are in the private message if you are in the BAST. I will support any server as well. If someone has a good place to go and try to get a Blizz Ard or two, we should go there.
  2. Is there set times we would have to meet?
  3. No, we just assemble and set up times.
  4. Well, I'm not usually able to get on Minecraft all the time, but I'll join. I'm probably not going to be the most active of members though, I'll probably be able to get to one of two meet-ups.
  5. Right, I'm setting up PM now.
  6. Use the acronym BLAST instead! BLizz Ard Search Team.
  7. Or Blizz Ard Search Team And Ration Distribution(I know... I'm stretching it....) but I'm sure you can figure it out haha xD
  8. BASTARD? :p LOL, but still BAST. Blizz Ard Search Team.
  9. So how is it that you split 1 rare drop?
  10. Take turns getting rare drops. That way, everyone will eventually get something, even if it is from Marlix or Momentus.
  11. Blizz Ards don't spawn in the end.
  12. Right then.