assasin's creed 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by magical_force, May 28, 2012.

  1. hey guys i have just herd that there is an assasin's creed 3 game coming out! and i was wondering if anyone has played the game before be it 1 2 brotherhood or revelations!
  2. wow so do i by the way im 13:p
  3. lol just playing it for a day strait i only just got knifes on 2
  4. Why do young people always feel the need to announce their age?
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  5. I was kinda wondering this after he posted it. Then I just went back to my game.
  6. No one has an understanding for why we do that, Aus. Self-Esteem and just wanting to be recognized is the most logical solution in this. I would denounce anyone who yells their (unless showing a picture, or something of that sort) age. There is absolutely no reason to.