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  1. Hey guys. First off, I want to state that yes I have been a jerk, yes I have been a fool here on EMC ( my actions where foolish ), and the things I said where very hurtful and probably made me sound like a little baby whining about stuff. So Im tired of wearing my mask, I live in the USA Im from Israel and Im 16 ( Will not state my state, but its not New York as I said before ). Ive realized that Ive been a terrible player in our community and wish that you, as a community and family, would give me one last chance and if I mess up, you know what'll happen. I haven't been banned yet but i have been muted in the past for my foolish ways. I thought Id make staff, when that action led to me NOT being staff. So I just want to ask for your forgiveness and that you'd allow me to start over again. And no Im not doing this because I want to be staff, I believe that Id wait a good year or so before doing so if I really want to, but I do want to know that you guys forgive me and that you'd give me one last chance.

    Thank you.

    - ww2fan168
  2. I have no idea what actions you're referring to but I wanna say that owning your own actions is the first step to forgiveness in any relationship.. be it with another person or a community. I think that was pretty dang awesome of you to do so.
    We are not perfect and we make mistakes .. hopefully we will learn from those mistakes and grow in our compassion and understanding for not only ourselves but those around us. =]
  3. BUMP
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  4. You have may been a total jerk to some of my friends at one point, but I haven't seen that part you are saying that you want to be forgive for.

    But as the staff statted, yes you may not be perfect, neither me, i am a total jerk to my friends, and I am trying to not led that jerkish noobish total mediocre person that I don't want to be agin.
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  5. With due respect, shut up. You did nothing wrong. We are all human. We have sympathy, even those with the darkest personalities. We will forgive you for something you did (or didn't do). For you to have the guts to apologize publicly, even behind a screen shows a mature person, and I am proud of you.
  6. I have never experienced this rudeness you have talked about, but then again the only thing I ever communicated with you about were some prices on something of mine. Glad to see you own up to what you used to be and hey, we all change over time, some of us just need a bit more to grow up.
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  7. I don't personally know all of what you did wrong, but I'd just like to add that we all make mistakes and that everything will be okay in the end :) Sometimes we do things that we shouldn't have and all, but that's okay, we're all human and we all make mistakes!
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  8. You have done something to me apparently, because you are banned from my res, and I don't do that frequently or for stupid reasons. I don't remember what it is, and I don't care. Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody deserves a second chance. If you don't think that's true, well then go join Jesus in Heaven. (Jesus was suppose is thought to be perfect I don't like talking about religion but I couldn't think of anyone else to say that for, sorry :D )
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  9. Stop your fingers from typing. You did nothing wrong and I'm sure the reasons why you were muted was because some player thought you said something wrong when you didn't. We are all human and make mistake and should all be forgiven :)
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  10. I was there. You did do something wrong. I was one, of many, who reported you, and you were muted for a very good reason.

    But, very rarely, people change.

    I'm willing to give you another shot. Wipe the slate clean, as it were. Because grudges are too heavy to hold for long.
  11. you have never been a jerk to me or any of my friends, but i have seen you be a jerk to some other people i for sure forgive you and i hope the community can to.
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  12. I know two accounts that I remember still and one I wish I acted better on it.

    The first one was about public church session.
    I completely forgave you if you took your words back and that has seems to be the case.

    The second was about Foxy Pirate Chat.
    I acted in my bull stature and wanted answers now. I didn't appreciate the attitude and things got bitter. I'm sorry for how things got nasty and how I acted that time. We both need to work on that...

    As what xXBuff1oXx said...
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  13. You know, as amazing as I am, I am not perfect (I know, please try to contain your shock), so I'd be lying if I said I've never made a mistake. We humans are all just a bunch of mistakes waiting to happen, so I can't blame you if you make one or two. I've never really had any personal beef with you, but so long as you make good on your promise of trying your best to be a positive member of the community, you have my seal of approval. Unless you prefer McDonald's. There still won't be beef, but there will be a selection of mystery meats between us.
  14. He isn't cooked to Medium-well if you have't got the joke
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