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  1. Now that essentially everyone on EMC has one of these threads I thought I should too, though I have been thinking to do one since the very first. I will try to answer all the questions, but I can't guarantee you I will disclose you everything about me. So ask away!

    Character Portrait by Carocoii.
  2. Countries you'd like to visit?
    Thoughts on the Scouse accent (YouTube it pls)?
    When Canada takes over the world, do you think we'll all be sorry?
    Favourite song?
  3. How many anchovies can you destroy with your pinky finger in 18.3 seconds
  4. This question is so great it needed two 'you's.
  5. 1. England, Japan
    2. Sounds kinda funny to be honest
    3. Na
    4. Word Crimes

  6. Do you like Boats?
  7. Do you think rio was a good place for the olympics?
    What is your favorite mmorpg game?
    What is your favorite anime?
    What is your favorite animal?
    And what mob represents you in minecraft?
  8. You are a fox? Since when? :confused:
  9. No, not a fan of them.
    1. No
    2. World of Warcraft
    3. Don't watch it
    4. Cats
    5. Enderman
    Since always. You didn't know that? What did you think I was?
  10. Lol. I thought you were a bobcat or a camel from your pic. I didn't examine it closely. :p
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  11. What is you favorite thing to do in Minecraft and EMC?
    Who is your favorite Overwatch character?
  12. Southern or Northern Ontario?
  13. 1. Exploring the vast expanse of old buildings long forgotten in the Frontier
    2. McCree, gotta love his ultimate and he has really accurate shots

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  14. If you had to turn into any Marine life, what would it be and why.
  15. Dolphin, because of their intelligence.