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  1. I have just really joined so i thought you could know more about me
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  2. Well your profile says joined 3rd of March :p
  3. do u like eating chicken
  4. like eating chiken Of course i do
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  5. Why did you join EMC?
  6. Becuse i heard it was one of the best servers and than it was true
  7. How big is it?
  8. big is what if u talking about my theme park as big as it can get
  9. Do people RIDE your Theme Park?
  10. Yeh theres a roller coaster and alot the do ride alot and I love ur pic its Garaa
  11. Have you ever been banned from any other server than EMC, if so, what reason?
  12. No i have never been baned from any server ive ever been on
  13. I'm sorry. I just HAD to do this.
    Xbox or PS3?
  14. XBOX
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  15. What's your personal favourite computer games, of all time? Which have you spent the most time playing?
  16. Minecraft duhh
  17. Whats the alternated of pie? Times that by 1000% of 19, divide it by the root, and take that off of pie? Can you answer this?
  18. Big PIE
  19. The answer is 8172.
  20. 8172= Big Pie dont u know that DUHH