ask me something! (I'm not new, I'm actually 290+ days)

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  1. hey guys, many people have been doing threads like this, andy didn't post a "hi my name is ____" thread (because i didn't know how to post threads :p) but ask me something (or multiple things) and ill answer!
  2. are u epic?
  3. Do you hunt truffles?
  4. What word am I thinking of?
    Dont even try to google Ever word ever
  5. Empire
  6. i am *edits M-I-L-K by yogscast* E-P-I-C!!
    nope, and they look really tasty (google one)
  7. I'll ask you: Tacos?
  8. Nope. Not Empire.
    here are clues.
    1. Think about Babies
    2. Think about the word New
    3. Think about the word gross
  9. god no! i thought you were 12.... this is kid friendly, and YOUR a kid! :p
  10. No its Meconium which is a babies first poop. It is basicly sterile.
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  11. *shudder*
  12. have u ever taken the gallon milk challenge?
  13. nope, although i beat the four hours straight of super smash bros brawl challenge XD
  14. are you jelly?
  15. how did you know?!?!
  16. i like jelly people it makes me jelly knowing how jelly people can be i wish i was jellier than you so maybe you can be jellier than me but thats just my jelly talk and now i make no sence because im just righting randomlyonthispageand everythingisgettingallsmushedupintoonewholebigjellythingyouknowehatimean? so yep thats how in know ;)
  17. i've done 9 hours of supersmashbrosbrawl
  18. How many alts do you have, and do any of them contain the phrase "ice cream"?
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  19. D
    Damn! I thought you wer RobLikesCake!