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  1. Alright I haven't introduced myself officially on the forums yet so here it goes. My name is Michael (bet you never would have guessed that) and I play Minecraft (bet you wouldn't have guessed that either :p). I also like food, and other video games. Right now I am sitting here typing this and I have no idea what I should type in this grey box sooooooooooo... You guys should just ask me some questions. Ask whatever you want and I'll answer them.
  2. Whats ur favorite SMP ? Do u like waffles ? How old are u ? Whats ur res number ? Do u have a Megamall in ur Res ? How old are u ? Whats ur favorite TV show ? Do u like popcorn ? Have u ever seen a Blue whale ? Are u batman ? What other games do u like ? Wich came first the chicken or the egg ? Do u have a pet wolf ? Have u ever flew a plane ? Is my res awesome ?
  3. How many r's do you have? Do you like pirates? What colour pants are you wearing?
  4. 1, yes, 14, 647, no, you already asked that, That's a hard one probably How I met Your Mother, yes, no, yes, LOZ, Uncharted Series, MGS series, and Arkham series are my favorites, the chicken, used to, but it killed my pigs soooooo, yes, yes.
  5. 1, yes, erm one second, Orange.
  6. Which of these actors werent born in England?

    A.Christopher Lee
    B.Vincent Prince
    C.Peter Cushing
    D. Bela Lugoist
    E. Boris Karloff
  7. Without looking this up I'm going to go with Boris Karloff because it sounds Russian to me.
  8. I knew I got it wrong :p
  9. This thread is a bust! The answers was Peter Cushing and Bela Lugoist!
  10. I don't know any of those actors!
  11. They're on TV right now! You dont know anything if you got this question wrong :eek:
  12. I don't watch that much tv, I watch movies, play sports, and play videogames
  13. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
  14. Oh jeez that's a hard one. It would probably have to beeeeeeeeeee... Willy Wonka's Everlasting gobstoppers (the real ones from the book, not the fake ones you can buy) because they last forever and there will always be different flavors to taste.
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  15. Guess no one cares :(
  16. Sorry for inappropriate q from me ;)
  17. Who is your favorite Batman writer? Mine is Scott Snyder.
  18. Of all time? Probably Frank Miller because of Year One and TDKR, but more recently probably Snyder
  19. Bela Lugosi*.