Ask me anything! (since I'm bored)

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  1. So, there's a load of these. I've not done one so I will since I've got nothing else to do. Ask away :)
  2. What's your shoe size? Are you male or female :D? Age? Favorite sport? Favorite thing to do? Where did you learn about website design?
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  3. Do you still have your tonsils?
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  4. Not got a clue
    You know the answer to that :p

    Check my profile :)
    Sport = baaaad
    #Minecraft of/c
    I didn't. Google is my friend :)
  5. Yes.
  6. Are you a prefect at school?
  7. My school doesn't have prefects.
  8. Do you have arms?
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  9. I think so :)
  10. Legs?
  11. Probably.
  12. Your all important head?
  13. Last time I checked, yep.
  14. Lol at I new half the answers to those questions :D
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  15. What is the address for your server?
  16. Now that would be telling. (and rulebreaking)