Ask Kman!

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  1. Ask me questions!
  2. :( 40 minutes have passed... no views still?

    EDIT: Why you no ask?
  3. Bump. Come on people! Your better than this, ask away!
  4. Why do you bump dead threads?
  5. Which Friday the 13th is your favorite? Don't say 2009.
  6. I wanted to revive it.
    Um... I don't know.
  7. doyou keep your res if you stop being a supporter?
  8. Nope. I'm still going to have this for a good while.
  9. Do you like the color blue?

    Do you like the color yellow?

    Do you like corn on the cob?

    Do you eat Pie?

    Do you make Pie?

    Whats the worst thing that has ever eaten your bed?

    why is this question lower caps?

    Who put it there?

    When did you join the sky rations international club?

    Did you?

    Have you ever had the urge to Jump in a ditch IRL?

    Since when did you eat Popsicle's?

    Have you met Justin?

    Have you met Jeremy?

    Have you met Tom Hanks?

    Have you met the muffin man?

    Have you met Bruce Lee?

    Have you ever loved question's?

    Did you or did you not find the end portal on utopia?

    Why Don't you take out your trash?

    Do you find grass yummy?

    Why am I even posting?!?!

    Have you ever been lost at sea for 2 days
  10. Moar coming!!!!!
  11. it just goes away? D:
  12. Yes
    I don't eat pie. I inhale it.
    No, I buy it. Then eat it.
    My beds intact, nothing ate it.
    i don't know
    The what?
    I still do.
    I wish.
    I wish.
    I wish I did.
    I do, I get paid to do it.
    If it's candy grass... yes.
    You want to.