As you guys may have noticed..

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  1. On smp7, Justinguy has built him self a big box of obsidian. (I says its a waste.) The lot is called Empire_palace. My best guess is that its going to be a shrine to him or EMC. What do you think think its going to be?
  2. I think its gonna be an Empire palace ;p

    Not a waste btw, remember, its Justins world, were just playin in it ;p
  3. Haha nice guess Leo! :)

    Indeed we are playing in Justin his word, he made a lot of awesome public buildings so I know for sure that this one will be awesome to.
  4. He's building something inside the obsidian and (I assume) he is going to remove all that obsidian box at the same time once he's done building whatever it is that he is building on the inside of this box.
  5. I bet it's an April fools joke for when April 1st roles around. He's going to make a huge announcement for it and we will all flock to the area for the unveiling only to find a giant troll face instead of a palace :p
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  6. Its a doomsday device that will steal all the cows from everyone's lots.
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  7. It's going to be a resort/hotel. That's the point of palace, and its being built at smp7 because it will recieve new members in there.
    That's just what i think it is.

    BTW: I just went there, i believe it will be built with amadai's help. *Yeah she got the residence to the side of it in case you ask how i know*
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