As it seems EMC is testing the PVP server..

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  1. I have a suggestion: hold two types of testing, open and closed. The open testing would be open for anyone to test it and would be open every few weeks. The closed would ONLY be for those who would be invited by the staff. These would be the people the staff could trust to find any bugs and report them instead of abusing them. People on the closed list could go on at any time.
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  2. We are testing a PvP server ()_0?
    And that does seem like a good idea!
  3. That's not what we're testing. It's a lag reduction thing Aikar's made.

    PvP is just on (as it's just a fresh jar w/ Essentials, Herochat and Aikar's optimizations) - it's simply a normal world. The PvP servers are nothing like what we're all playing on.
  4. I think we all know who that would be:rolleyes:
  5. I don't get it :p
  6. Look above my post:p
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  7. Seems legit...
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