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  1. Unfortunately, I have decided to discontinue this service, but not impulsively or on a whim. I have three reasons for doing so:

    1. Now it's only me and two other people doing all the orders, and while three may seem like a lot, it is nothing compared to the amount of orders we regularly get. We always have orders and not enough people to complete them in a timely fashion. And most people just don't have the desire or the ability to gather mass resources, so they don't want to sign up.

    2. As the holidays approach, my work schedule is becoming more and more erratic. I may no longer have several hours of time in which to gather resources for orders. This is a steady, very successful business and I won't be able to keep it up with my work hours.

    3. I am probably going to go back to running an actual shop, where basic things will probably be wholesale, kind of like the stocking biz. I'm not sure though, I can imagine that I'll probably be "bought out" every day if I did that. Either way, I will be opening a shop in the future.

    I am continuing all the current orders I have, but I'm not accepting anymore. I will still probably auction large amounts of supplies off, but the business is no longer "official".
  2. So won't supply 100 double chests of sand and/or glass?
  3. If you can't gather that much yourself in a reasonable amount of time, neither can we. xP I'm hesitant to establish a maximum limit, but I may just say no more than maybe 6-8 double chests at a time.
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  4. Hi!

    Can I have a double chest of glass please

    and could you do a double chest of red wool for 3400??
  5. ArtemisV could you pause this for a Day, i need to talk with you about this business :)

  6. what are brick blocks? The one in the red.
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  8. ahhhhhhhhh.. yeah.. that would take a while
  9. And I also want to emphasize that right now it's only two of us. I'm thinking about seeing if other people want to join us, but I'm not sure how that would work out yet. Right now Swerve and I just do the orders together and split the rupees between us. If you have any suggestions regarding adding other people and making it like a "company", please let me know.

    Please be patient with us though, we're new to this. We already got a ton of orders and I'm excited to see what we're capable of. :)
  10. 2 double chest of obsidian
  11. did you read the op? it says he doesnt supply obsidian
  12. soz i thought it said did
  13. Do you know how long that would take?
    Joking :p.
    Read the op again please.
  14. 8 double chest of stone
  15. read the op again it says dont post orders on here pm him or catch him in game..
  16. Swerve and I are both female. Most people don't know that, though. Also...

    If you have any orders, please PM me! I won't take orders posted here, just because it's confusing.

    Also, I am about to edit the topic. We will be very reluctant to take orders larger than 4 double chests at one time, obviously because we don't want people to have to wait a week for us to complete their order.
  17. artemis can you supply my shop 1401 with wood?
  18. Do you supply snow blocks?
  19. Jet, we're surprisingly swamped with orders, I don't have a problem supplying you with wood long as you understand it might take a few days. Maybe closer to a week. I think until we get our current orders finished, we're going to put a hold on any new orders. This business is surprisingly lucrative and I'm very pleased. I think we will definitely need more employees.
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