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  1. So I've been contemplating for a while now of names I'd like to be known as on YouTube. After much thought I've chosen, Melee. Now for this new creation, I need artwork, specifically a Channel Art, Avatar and Twitter background. I'd personally like something hand-drawn but something made in photoshop could also work. Now the main so called "prize" will be given to whoever I choose. I will will also reward all those who entered and made an effort 5,000 rupees each so your time will have not been wasted.

    I am a very big fan of a galaxy blue color from GTA V ( Example ) and galaxies in general. So what I was thinking a big white textured M in the middle with some type of shape around it and a galaxy blue with little stars implicating a galaxy background.

    Channel Art:
    Here I want something different, try to use the same galaxy blue design but don't copy+paste the avatar design. Work some up nice and new. Instead of one big M, lets do the full name Melee smack in the middle. Add some blur around it so people mainly focus on the Melee part of the channel art.

    Make it exactly the same as YouTube Just the right dimensions.

    Please submit all entries by PMing them to me.

    Oh yeah main prize is 50,000 100,000 rupees. ( May go higher if more entries come in. )
  2. Grand prize has been doubled to 100,000 Rupees!
  3. What sort of games will you be playing?
  4. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft :p, and I'll see what else I can think of!
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