[Art] Monsters inside of me

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  1. Edit: Added shading to the middle person
    Time taken: 2+ hours
    Constructive feedback appreciated
  2. Wow. I wish i could draw like you :(
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  3. I'm sure you just need a bit of practice! :D
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  4. I thought that was silk at first...
    (I love that program)
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  6. Ohhhh, I like it!
    Question: is that you wearking a mask?
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  7. Yeah
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  8. beautiful, i wonder how it would look with a border of red maybe? Idk.
  9. I might do more like this since you guys seem to like it :p
    Maybe more of a colours experiment though, hm
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  10. This looks pretty sweet, I love the different facial expressions on the phantoms (Is that the right word to use?)
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