Art for Rupees

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  1. I'm looking for custom art work, preferably in an anime/chibi or cartoon style, for thumbnails and banners for various youtube projects and forums.

    I'm specifically looking for art for my character skins and Minecraft animals.

    My youtube channel:

    If you are interested and have time please post some samples of your previous art work, link to deviantArt, etc. in anime/chibi or cartoon style down below or PM. I will PM you if I think your style will be a great fit for my channel.

    Payment! I really want to spruce up my channel so I'm willing to pay a large amount of rupees. I'm not really sure on a fair price but I'm thinking of 100,000r (or more) per piece. I'm open to negotiating the price. :)

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  2. Hmm normally this would've been a nice project but I already have quite a long to do list. I guess it depends on how fast you need this. >.<
    Can I ask why you're asking for youtube art on this forum when it seems like you play on a lot of different servers? Or did you ask on multiple forums?