[Art] Darius

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  1. I haven't posted art here since I came back, which is weird

    My cutie main character Darius on Feral Heart! Trying out a new style of eye shading, chibi, everything really with this :p The hair colour still needs some work, since it does just look like it's part of the main head fur.... And I'm still not happy with the back legs >.<
    But all in all, I'm proud of this!

    Time taken:
    Sketch: 1 hour 30 mins
    Finished at: 2 hour 30 mins

    Feedback is always appreciated!

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  2. That is so cool! If you can make me a profile picture of my skin and have 14599 on it you could and might win 10k :p, especially w/ my arms crossed :p
  3. Thank you!

    Unfortunately I don't take requests or commissions, however I might be opening them up late this month. Thanks for the interest though!
  4. darn it xD
  5. I keep noticing little bits I forgot to fill, and little bit around the edge I haven't rubbed out, ughhh xD

  6. I expected something very different when I clicked on this...
  7. League?
  8. I only draw Rengar :p
    I wouldn't be able to draw Darius anyway xD
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