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  1. I think it would be better if each player was able to have a limit of 100 armor stands or 100 entitys so like you could have 37 armor stands and 63 pigs (doesn't have to be pigs but an animal aka entity) i need at least like 100 armor stands for what I'm collecting in staff heads for my museum but its not letting my even go pass 30 which stinks really bad, who's with me understands this and wants to help this cause (no donations just do +1 i guess)
  2. I don't understand, what are the current limitations?
  3. 30
  4. im pretty sure the whole res can fit 100 entitys
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  5. +1.

    I'm not quite sure if there should be 100 available of mob entities and then 100 available armor stand entities. It could cause a tremendous amount of lag with certain setups. Such as how there are ways to make armor stands swap out or disappear into the floor and come back. Those can be applied to animals too. So somebody makes a museum that the statues disappear and reappear when people enter the room by tripwire hooks or something and then they also have a public farm using the same system? If they get triggered at the same time, it could cause loads of lag.

    If possible, maybe it could be set so that armor stand entities can "override" open slots of animal entities but not the other way around? So then if you have 0 animals, you can have 130 armor stands, but you can't pass the set 100 animal entities.

    Edit: To keep it at 1 message from me right now, but to answer Torian_The_V's question, there can be 130 total entities per normal res (forget if it's different for Utopia but I'd assume so) but 100 of them are strictly animal entities while the other 30 are strictly armor stand.
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  6. and maybe, if your a supporter, you get more entitys on yr res, like gold gets 20+ entitys and diamond like 40 or 50+ entitys
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  7. What I'm saying is you would have to choose basically you can have an even amount of either one as i said like 37 armor stands and 63 entitys no more then 100 so only 100 not 100 armor stands and 100 entitys you would have to spit it
  8. yes make empire more money xD
  9. Oh, alright, that makes more sense. You may want to fix the OP then. It says 37 and 67, so that's what confused me since it was over 100. If this could be coded easily enough, I feel like this will get serious thought from staff, but I'm like the last person to ask when it comes to programming.
  10. oh thanks lol
  11. +100 Entities
  12. +1 I didn't even realize there was a 30 armor stand limit. They have no AI, so you'd think you could have much more.
  13. They're entities anyway. Entities are resource hogs.
  14. true but if were aloud to have 100 animals and only 30 armor stands that seems a little unfair for the museum people so i think it would be better if it was able to split it in 100 so 50 50 or 27 73 any combination but it can't go past 100 =P