ARMA 3 | $36

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by _Stads_, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that this game is going on a huge sale in about 2 minutes that will last for 8 hours. ARMA 3 is an amazing game and well worth the buy in my opinion. I bought it like 2 days ago when it was on the same sale and I've played tons of it!

    I'm also looking for people to play with in this game as I've heard multiplayer and coop are lots of fun. So if you have this game post below with a link to your Steam profile so we can own greenbacks or whatever together, if you haven't got it - Buy it cause it's awesome!!!
  2. Less than an hour left guys! Also I'm going to be uploading my first episode of a campaign playthrough tomorrow, Subscribe to my YouTube so you can see it!
  3. I have ARMA 2. I got it for DayZ, but it lags like hell and ARMA 2 doesn't. It would be an amazing game, if I could remember the controls and they weren't so...eugh...
  4. ARMA 3 is on sale again for the same great price for another 12 or so hours! :D