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  1. This supply company is the exact same as FirstJugBurgerz Supply Company. After some talking to me and the other employees, he agreed to sell my the company mainly because he was putting too much time into the company than he wanted and he wasn't online often enough to keep up with all the business.

    Order Form: Here is the order form to use when ordering the items: You will need to answer everything that applies to your specific order for it to be valid. If you don't we will remove your order and tell you in the comments if you don't. All orders will be picked up at my 2nd res on smp7.

    Pick-up: To pick up your items, I will set up a room with an access sign over it. When you enter, there will be chests with transaction signs over them. Payment will be made when you buy the items. If you have to get it delivered to a res, pm the person that completed your order or find them online and they will deliver it with no extra cost. Your order should be completed no later than three weekends after the order is made. The time your order should take largely depends on the employees available and the size of your order. We will re-post on this thread when your entire order is complete. If you are curious about the progress of your order, the order tracker on the post below will lead you in the right direction as to how long your order might take. IMPORTANT: We will temporarily shut down when the order tracker fills up to a maximum of 15orders, we will then reopen when the amount of these orders has dropped down to 5. If this is the case, we shouldn't be shut down for any longer than 10-14 days. Also, a restriction we have regarding orders though is that you please Do Not Put Deadlines In Orders. We run on a first-come-first-serve basis, and if your massive order is taking a little longer than usual (I consider usual 10-14 days) because we are worked up with other orders, please look at the order tracker below and see what kind of orders are on there before you start to hash us out for not getting your order done at the speed of light :p. Thanks for your cooperation on this everyone. Also, just because you ordered before someone and don't get your order before them, it doesn't mean we value them more than you. This company has multiple employees working on orders at once, and some finish them faster than others.

    Voiding orders-Voiding orders only takes place if a certain order is not paid for two weekends after it is re-posted on the thread. If you realize that you won't be able to pay for the order or don't want it, etc., please pm me and we will hold it for you no more that a week after you pm us.

    Current Staff: Ark_Warrior1: Owner; Staff: boozle628, KilledDallos, zh88, FirstJugBurgerz (temporary), MotorBurn

    Logs: 60 r per stack, order limit of 1 DC.
    1.7 Logs (not introduced yet): 70 r per stack, order limit of 1 SC.
    Brick Block: 250 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Clay Block: 150 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Hardened Clay: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Sand: 45 r per stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Sandstone: 85 r per stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Glass: 60 r per stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Cobblestone: 10 r stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Stone: 15 r stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Netherrack: 10 r stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Nether Brick: 40 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Wool (Any Type): 70 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Paper: 5 r per stack, order limit of 3 SC.
    Glowstone: 400 r per stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Coal: 70 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Redstone: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Iron: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Emerald: 20 r unit, max order 3 stacks.
    Exp Bottles: 120 r stack, order limit 6 stacks.
    Wheat: 15 r stack, max order 1 SC.
    Melon Slice: 5 r stack, max order 1 SC.
    Diamond Tools: We do tools!! On the order form, please fill out in the type box what you want if interested, you can order as many tools as you want that add up to 12 Diamond's worth of tools, price per Diamond is 45 r.

    Key (credit for text-stock idea goes to the company who did this before me :p):
    Green=Medium-High Stock (order will probably take no more than two weeks to complete).
    Yellow=Low Stock (order may take a minimum of 10 days to complete).
    Red=No stock (if you find a product on here that is labeled as red than please do not order it!!).

    PM Ark_Warrior1 for any questions regarding the comapany.

    Hope you enjoy the luxury of our large supply company!
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  2. bump! we have no order currently.
  3. Not to be mean. But I would sort this much better.. It's all over the place and just looks unpleasant to read. Try making it short, sweet and to the point.
  4. well, we are trying to explain everything in the thread so we don't get so many questions.
  5. I ordered immediately after the thread was put up.
    Can I presume it has something to do with either a) the massive redirect, or b) the name of the form?
  6. umm, I will need to talk to the makers of the order form. It was shut down for some reason. I will contact you and replace the link when everything is fixed.
  7. People are going to ask questions either way. It's just that it is so cramped I didn't even wanna read it. I am only giving my advice though.
  8. OK, I am redoing the whole format for the supply company.
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