Ark survival evolved

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  1. When i first got ark a played almost as much as minecraft.

    Just this morning i was building on ark near a bronto and next thing i know i was riding it's tail.

    I kindy off want to be able to play ark online with poeple but don't really want to pvp.
  2. Unofficial servers, as well as ones that are just hosted by your friends, are the way to go.
  3. Only thing is i don't have online on ps4
  4. O. I assumed you were talking PC.
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  5. No i only own a laptop.
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  6. You can play ARK on a laptop, ARK can run smoothly on both of my laptops....especially my gaming laptop lmfao xD
    I have all graphic settings on the highest they can go on ARK on my gaming laptop and it looks epic and runs smoothly :'D
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