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  1. I can't log in onto Minecraft on my iMac today. And most of the time, it works. Can someone help me?!
  2. happens to some people... you just have to wait
  3. No!!!! I hate waiting!!!!
  4. Simples. Don't use a Mac.
  5. Well... then... uh... learn how to be patient when you are waiting? like maybe doing something besides minecraft
  6. it's not the mac... it happens sometimes on my pc
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  7. 1.Turn computer off.
    2.Turn it back on.
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  8. Turn off computer. Go ock in aoutside and boil in the hot sun. Come ba DARN KEYBOARD PREPARE FOR A HELP THREAD
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  9. Step 1 - Go Windows
    Step 2 - Stay Windows
  10. Argh, still not working. So angry.
  11. Will it not let you log in, or does it give you the Black screen of Death?
  12. I can log in, but NOT online. (A.K.A: I have to play offline, which is VERY annoying.)
  13. Maybe play another game or go outside? Just saying...
  14. I know, Noah, but...... I WANNA PLAY MINECRAFT SO BAD!!!!!
  15. *cough*addicted much?*cough*

  16. Correction: I wanna play minecraft MULTIPLAYER so bad
  17. This issue has nothing at all to do with Mac, its a Minecraft issue that happens to everyone. If you're getting the bad login error, restarting Minecraft usually helps, but if the Minecraft servers are down you may just have to wait.
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  18. Agreed...
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  19. According to, it's just the login servers being slow/acting up. Just wait it out and the service should return to normal soon. :)
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