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  1. This is the first public Minecraft server I've tried (and liked enough to keep playing on), so please forgive me if my question is dumb.

    I was amazed, amused and aghast by the first area I came to outside the wilderness spawn - where a player can first dig. It looks like a war's been fought there, with all the different levels, holes, water falling everywhere... it almost reminded me of my teenaged son's room.

    At any rate - what happens as time goes on to this area? Do the mods "reset" it ever (i.e., erase it and refill it)? If I were to build an elevated roadway over it so I can pass it quickly, instead of hopping and skipping and jumping, falling into holes, and almost drowning, would new players cannibalize anything I put down, or would it stay largely intact? (Not thinking of adding torches or glowstones, just a cobble road).

    A road might be nice for new players to be able to get to trees more easily, but certainly would make it easier for me to get where I'm going. What do you think? Am I a hopeless optimist or merely a compulsive neatener?
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  2. We (Justin) are creating a plugin where he can go around and "repair" parts of the wilderness which he'll do from time to time. You can create roads and such, but we suggest to not put time or items you don't mind losing, as we're very busy, and can't control everyone who passes (including griefers). Griefing and stealing from others isn't allowed in the wild, but unless we can get proof like catching them in the act or screenshots, we can't always punish or replace what happened.

    Building in your protected res in Town is highly suggested over anything else. :)
  3. Exactly, you can build a road out of any material, but don't anticipate its survival... You would be best to use dirt to traverse the treacherous areas and do the same on your return trip.. Not many "roads" survive for long, as we are a society, and as such we are plagued by individuals with malcontent in their hearts...
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  4. Well you are an optimist, and if this is your first public server I will warn you this game is full of trouble makers. Its a full time job trying to keep them all out, and our Moderation team puts in countless hours. This is the reason we have the Town system, it is "grief" proof. Wilderness should only really be used for exploring and gathering resources, anything you place or store in chests will more than likely be stolen :(. We are working on a way to lock chests in the Wilderness and this will provide some protection.
  5. In that case, I think I'll use boats a lot more.

    I'm still in the "trying-to-tread-lightly, save the earth" mode. I need to make the transition to "pave the earth" mode. (I have a hard time cutting down trees without replanting them). I shall endeavor towards ruthless exploitation of resources forthwith, and abandon my civic-mindedness in the wilds. Cheers.
  6. We also have a large number of people that practice replanting trees / not leaving half trees / not destroying the lands. Nothing wrong with that at all, its awesome :)
  7. I'm a little surprised that most people seem to stay really close to spawn, especially since mining there is so... treacherous.

    I enjoy exploring. I went down a "stairway" in the nether last night a little too quickly but there was a hole in the bottom that I didn't know about that opened up over a sea of lava far far down. Hilarity ensued (and a few choice words!). Ahhh, it's certainly different playing on a public server.
  8. Also I just laughed so hard when I read your name. I take it your husband also plays?
  9. Please do continue your efforts to plant trees, mine with respect, and all of that.
    Even if you feel you are the only one doing, know that you are not alone in this endeavor.
    Every tree I harvest in the wild I replant every sapling dropped. I do not surface mine. I avoid creeper explosions above ground.. I tend to find ravines and branch out from there. :) Most of the mining is done for you by the code... haha
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  10. You may be an optimist, but there's nothing wrong with that. If you were to build a road, I recommend dirt as it is the most readily available material, and maybe not worh stealing or griefing, but don't be surprised one bit if it didn't survive. :)
    Just out of interest, which server were you on, and was it an outpost or the main spawn?
  11. No! He's not much of a game player, and generally won't play anything except racing games on occasion. I'm still working on him, though. Daughter and son both have Minecraft now (and have stopped laughing at me for jumping out of my chair when a creeper sneaks up on me). Son won't play multiplayer at all, just single survival.
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  12. Wow, I think that is the first family ever where the its the wife that is the big gamer!
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  13. Main spawn, smp4 - I tend to head the same way each time, over a river and across a desert that's been stripped. It's funny to see random mining - especially when I fall into a hole. (I'm getting better about looking ahead, though).
  14. Could be. I've been gaming longer than I've known him, and we met over 20 years ago. We have different hobbies, and it works out. (He plays music and likes Formula 1; I play games). Maybe that's why we're happy with each other, hmmm.
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  15. Yeah if my wife was as much of a gaming addict as I am we would prob be homeless lmao
  16. Thats awesome. A family that play together stay together. :p
  17. I am so glad I am not the only one who risks a heart attack when a creeper has managed to sneak up on me when in an intense mining session. >.< My nerves are super bad as it is, and Creepers put me into small panic attacks if they come up just right... lol
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  18. Haha, I like every post of this thread.:)
    Your question isn't dumb at all, and has been the subject of many a post/thread (including mine).
    After witnessing the scene, you are confronted with a few options (don't take this too seriously though :D):

      1. Join the club (WORST EVER :mad:)
      2. Become a civil minecraftian
      3. Become fed up with civilization and go live in the Wilderness like a frontierman, using your res as a safe depot :D
      4. Become a Town farmer and sell your products
  19. I feel the same about creepers, and it doesn't help that I'm paranoid either:(.
  20. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't all out to get you.

    Especially creepers, who like to wait until you're not paying any attention.