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  1. Hello Everyone, I think this has been addressed before but I could not find this on the forums anywhere.. Anyway why do people get into such a fuss about buying and reselling.. I don't see anywhere where it say's you CANT. Some people are getting banned from shop's cause of it.. Why is this? I don't see it as a problem.. there the ones with the shop.. can someone clear this up for me please..
  2. I believe its from the sellers wanting to stay stocked all the time and not have an item bought out by one person and someone coming in five minutes wanting that item. also with the person seeing the shop not being able to keep stocked up they won't shop there anymore causing the shop to lose business ( this of course being in the mind of the shop owner)
  3. Personally, I feel that its silly that people "ban" others from their shop because they resell their items when their shops BUY & SELL, meaning that they RESELL too. Does that mean they have to "ban" themselves from their own shop due to reselling items? If they are not pleased people reselling their items, why not just increase the prices the the max, such that it is hard to resell the items?

    Reselling is part of marketing, a method people use to earn rupees. It is allowed and purely up to one's discretion to resell items or gather the items by themselves. By "banning" one from their shop, they are just losing a customer and perhaps their reputation, which could bring alot more profit in the long run.
  4. It is quite silly. But I do agree with you.
  5. what i meant was the player not going to the shop for anything thinking if they don't have this item then they probably won't have this either
  6. I agree 100% !
  7. While I think banning someone for "buying to much" from your shop is the most rediculous thing ever (if you understand properly running a shop) the shop owners are within their rights to ban who they want for whatever reason. The whole "staying in stock" idea is silly as well. It's going to run out of stock eventually anyways and you're going to have to restock it anyways, so who cares how often it is. If it's really THAT big a deal, try and make more shops with the same item in it next to each other.

    If the TRUE reason is to "stay in stock" the new system we have brewing up should help everyone who wants to stay in stock, do so as well. :)
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  8. Meh, if those shop owners want to lose customers then I say let them. It just means other shops get more business.
  9. While I don't say EVERY person does it for this reason, I think that's what they're trying to avoid. Most people who buy large stocks like that (unless for a specific project) do so to stock their shops. By blocking them, they block one of their forms of inventory.
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  10. I do that, I tell I will buy it all and they get mad at me : S its just.. ok..
  11. For the shop owners who would rather have items in the chest then sold do this. If you have 27 stacks of stone don't put it all in the shop chest at once. Put 4 stacks or so in at a time and restock it every time it is bought out. That way one single player doesn't buy all of your stone in one visit to your shop.
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  12. I think it's the shock when it happens all at once and the idea that you may have a lot of work ahead of you to restock.

    No one complains if you buy a few things and leave. If someone buys a bunch of items by spamming your chest it makes me wonder if I've missed something.

    You've stocked a chest and chosen a price and set the sign up. Did you set it up wrong? Did you not research your price? Have prices changed? Also, you're going to have to go collect or craft more of whatever it was again.
    Plus it makes it so you can't see for a while.

    Last night I had someone sell me a bunch of rail and all this went through my head. Well, instead of the restocking part, I'm wondering how I'll sell it all. To top it off I was helping someone with a wool sculpture and couldn't see to work or to chat with them.

    One thing I think would resolve a lot of incidents are proper buy/sell amounts on chests. Trying to sell something usually sold in stacks is just asking for a no sale or a screen full of messages.

    I often ask people if they'd like a special bulk sign set up and ask if they 'll need more so I can work ahead of them.
  13. I think a way to fix that is to have a sign when the person visits your res saying if you are buying more than for example 5 stacks of say cobblestone then to pm you so you can set up the chest for them such as an access chest which you will give them access to after paying the agreed upon price
  14. They are usually here and gone. I just PM and ask. Most of the time they decline but come back and buy without a discount. The flip side is that people are often in a hurry for materials when they do this. They aren't tihnking of how it appears to me. They just want to get back to their project.
  15. I dont really think it matters, you get the same amount of money from selling it to one person then selling it to another.
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  16. Either way I think it's dumb to ban someone for buying too much

    lol I agree ! money is money
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  17. The SMP5 Area 52 Project will not be banning anyone for buying or selling too much. :)
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  18. People should just decide to make their shops a buying shop or a selling shop if they do not want others to buy and resell their stocks. (Although this might already have been addressed.)
  19. you gave me an idea i am going to make a shop on smp9 that only buys items and i will sell everything that i buy to any store looking for material if anyone wants to help me or be a business partner or investor in this project please tell me ( sorry for kinda hijacking the thread with this post)
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