Are You Afraid of It?...... Let's Hope Not.........................

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  1. Hssss....... Slender...
  2. As soon as it typed sle I closed the tab. It's 2:00AM in the morning for me :p
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  3. I am not really scared of Slender...he looks just like a enderman....its the sounds that scare me.
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  4. Because the enderman was based on the slenderman :D
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  5. It's not scary? Try playing with Astro A50's headset at midnight.... with the lights turn off and loud surround sound volume........ then rephrase your opinion....
  6. Well,I use Turtle Beaches, and I play it at 3:00 A.M. Now the movie Prometheus was the only movie that scared me.
  7. :O Prometheus was pretty scary...
  8. stop it you scawre mwe!
  9. lol, next time. please. inform people with heart conditions NOT to watch this. D:
  10. I got over being scared of movies and stuff.
  11. I never get scared of anything (mostly) I didn't get scared of amnesia (insert argument here) this I have seen before so I'm not that scared (not to show of :p) :D
  12. Slenderman is a bro. I don't think he's scary, he's an awesome individual!

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  13. New favorite Jam
  14. I want some juice! :p