are these servers even worth playing on?

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  1. are these servers even worth playing on. In the last 3 days i have been pvp killed twice. The tunnel system I was building for a rail system for people to use to get to other areas keeps getting trashed daily it seams. Any thing i build out in the wild gets taken/destroyed. I am pretty sure on who 2 of them are that are doing it but i have not been able to catch them doing it. It seams i have to spend more time PATROLLING the tunnel system then working on it or doing anything that is fun.

    So are these servers even worth playing on if you have to spend at least 2-4 hours doing repairs daily?

    And do not say move out further because distance does not matter. It already takes me takes me 15-20 minutes to run to the end of the one tunnel. And those that are doing the damage are running at least 4 times as fast I can.
  2. If you don't like the griefing just play on another server, we like it here, there are griefers on every server, so maybe start your own?
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  3. If you can find a server that does not suffer from griefing, all the while beign as fun as EMC, then I would say : no. EMC is the best I have found, but if you are unhappy, I am sure there is a server out there better suited for you.
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  4. take screen shots of the people who steal/pvp u and when making things in the wild u must walk far out so u dont get griefed
  5. Firstly, PvP is not allowed in any way. If someone PvP's you using lava, flint and steel, ect. then take screenshots. Although you wont get your items back, the offender will get sanctioned.

    Griefing is also not allowed. Every server has griefers and but EMC has few. If you want something to stay forever then build it in town. If you have to build it in the wild then build it far from spawn and deep underground. It's worked for me so far.

    If you are sure who's doing it but you've been unable to catch them, them there is one thing you can do. Put everything in a locked chest and stand somewhere you can see all of the area that gets griefed. Use a screen-recorder that can activate on motion, set it up and just afk there for a night. +1 if you're hidden. What do you end up with? Either a non griefed track, footage of someone PvPing you or footage of someone griefing. All three of these things are good.
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