Are there any other nerds like me?

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  1. I'm a huge computer geek, I program and build on the hardware side of computers. I program in Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and abit of C++. I've also built my own computer, so my question is are there any other nerds like me?
  2. Certainly! I love working with hardware and a little bit of robotics. I also code some HTML, CSS, and C++.

    The computer I currently use has been entirely built by me, as well as previous computers I have used. I can't trust retailers when buying a PC anymore. (I never did.)

    But today, I focus mostly on multimedia. (Video editing, filming, music writing, story writing, game creation, ect..)
    I plan on using the multimedia as my main line of work, but the IT Technician will certainly do well to start off. (or at least until my multimedia work begins to pay off.)
  3. sounds like me in the future i have just fininshed highschool and am gonna start computer science at uni next year
  4. Most of my expertise is with the LAMP stack, I currently manage a social games development team for the Game Show Network (very high transaction rates, millions of daily players). But I also develop in Java (did most of the Empire plugins and mods on my own). I can get around with HTML, CSS, JS but I am in no way "talented" at it lol.

    So no you are for sure not the only nerd here. Do you program for a living?
  5. I know more or less about C++ , HTML, CSS, UML, MYSQL and i have repaired, built and troubleshooted problems on hundreds of PC's, just tomorrow i'm gonna put together a new pc from various parts i gathered over the past few months. i'v also graduated from an IT college in IT Management and communications.

    besides that i'm quite a bit of an anime lover as well :D
  6. Over the course of my degree, I've learned various programming languages including Haskell, Eiffel, Java, C and C++ as well as MySQL. I have also taught myself XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

    I'm not an expert in any of these, but I have a decent grasp of most of them (I doubt I can remember any Haskell or Eiffel). I've yet to have a proper job that utilizes any of these skills.

    I'm a geek, but I wouldn't say I'm a nerd.
  7. I used to want to learn Html C++ Mysql and php...but gave up on it because i couldn't grasp it but i myself enjoy building things and such...part of the reason i am going to school (starting in january) for engineering mechanical engineering to be specific.
  8. Before I met Justin, I installed forums using Cpanel auto-install for the TF2 forum which I met Justin. I would install mods that I had no idea what they did or how to work them properly, resulting in me having to wipe the forum clean and start over. This happened at least twice a month. Be glad that I'm the COMMUNITY manager here and not the programmer. :) :)
  9. I don't have the patience to be a nerd like you guys. :p
    I just maintain my nerd status by playing Dungeons & Dragons 2/3 times a week and doing Geology/ Chemistry as my courses at college. :p
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  10. same here except i will go with used to play D&D like it was going outta style(still love it though) and instead of geology and chemistry it is math and engineering courses :D
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  11. I play good ol' 1st Edition AND 3rd, which gets confusing to remember rules for different editions. :p
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  12. I plan to, right now i'm currently in high school. It's great to know im not the only one.
  13. Well, I prefer "geek" over "nerd", but other than that, yeah.
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  14. I'm like that, but I'm only thirteen, so not on as big of a scale. I program for fun.:)I'm also taking programing classes, in Visual Basic, and plan to do Java afterwards.
  15. I was going to do something with computers (Hardware engineering), then I was like, maybe I will do Game Design and Development. As of now, I am doing neither. My Major is Physics. Lulz.
  16. :D i feel so welcome to the server from reading this topic! I program in TI-Basic(yes, i know it's easy) on my Ti-84 all the time(during every class in school :p), Axe(which is a bit harder than TI-Basic. it's on calculator and it makes you be able to make fast games on your calculator), Lua(technically scripting), a little bit of HTML, some of C, and a tiny bit in Java. I'm planning to go more in depth into either C or Java(C/C++ = fast, but Java=mod MC!!!)
    I'm in my school's robotics team(we compete in Vex and FTC/Tetrix) and I'm one of the 2 main builders, and I'm the lead programmer. We won a competition last year but sadly because of a change in the rules, we didn't qualify for the World Championship.
    I'm also a master at redstone. I've made a calculator with redstone that added and subtracted numbers up to 65536! I've made multiple styles of combination locks(with switches and a button and with buttons and a sequence), and I made an elevator BEFORE 1.8. Since 1.8 you can use gates to make an easy elevator but I made it out of pistons pushing a block up and down 3 steps. it's actually harder than it sounds because to make it go back down, it requires a specific sequence of 9 different steps, although since i made a calculator that's easy anyways.

    oh yeah and for all those nerds like me, YES my calculator was technically an ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit) because all it did was add and subtract.
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  17. once you come to know me better you'll know that my messages tend to be large...
  18. Java all the way, you can still make awsome games, and there are never enough moders.
  19. Nearly every post on this thread made my brain hurt...
    I'll come back in a few years, when I understand, and am in college.
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  20. Java just feel so clean and modern, as opposed to C which is old, musky and terribly counter-intuitive.

    Sure C is more versatile and probably more efficient, but Java just makes more sense in terms of a language. It obviously can't do many things that C excels at, but I never want to write in C again.

    I think perhaps I have a bad association with C because we were forced to use editors like Emacs which I could just not understand how to use properly.
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