Are the Minecraft Login Servers down?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by foodenator, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Are the Minecraft login servers down? If they aren't, I think I got hacked. I need help please, I am really stressed about this right now.
  2. Please, someone help me!
  3. Unless you gave out your password or downloaded something malicious you shouldn't have been hacked. The site says there is a Partial outage so it's probably on Mojang's end.
  4. Thanks for the help! The thing is, though, it says that the login servers are up..
  5. What exactly happened?
  6. I tried to login on, and it said "Oops, unknown username or password." I tried multiple times, and even reset my password through my email, but still, it kept saying that. I'm haven't yet tried to log into Minecraft in the .exe, because I wasn't sure if I should try.
  7. can be a bit funny sometimes... I wouldn't be too worried about logging in through the .exe but they may also have the same problem. If you have migrated over to a Mojang account then remember too use your E-Mail to log into your Minecraft account. If you haven't migrated I suggest you do so and then try logging into either the launcher or with the E-Mail you decide to use in your Mojang account.

    This is a direct link to where you can migrate your account:

    If you are still having issues please reply to this post and let me know!
  8. I tried to migrate over to a Mojang account earlier today, but since I already had an Mojang account asscoiated with the email that is used for my Minecraft account, it wouldn't let me make a new account. I tried to get my Minecraft account into my Mojang account, but it didn't work. Now it says: Error! Too many failed attempts. when I try agian.
  9. Nevermind people, I didn't get hacked, it was just an error. Thanks for your help, though.