Are The Enraged Not Dropping Diamonds?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by hoi, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Well, I was out adventuring in the wild, looking for enraged, and I started killing them, and also noticing the diamond drop rate for them has decreased? I have no clue, I haven't been getting diamonds as frequently as yesterday.. Also, I think looting now affects drop rates of Dragon Stone Fragments..
  2. Im still getting diamonds, but I agree the rate is lower.
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  3. Seems I'm getting more flint now as well.
  4. Aikar may have tweaked the drop rates recently, but as of now, looting currently has no effect.
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  5. I kill about 3-6 enraged per night, get about 2 diamonds. The enraged creeper diamond drop rate has fallen. I'm getting better drop chances from enraged zombies, skeletons, ehhh there the same.
  6. I have not touched diamond rate.
  7. Ahh okay. Just seems a little different.
  8. You better not have or I'll ban... wait that won't work :( banning the owner wouldn't be a smart move for ANY SERVER! Plus you could probably code yourself back in anyways! Diamonds drop for me... Even when they've just killed goldenappple12345...
  9. It seems fine to me :p
  10. they are dropping diamonds for me
  11. Gawd I hope not.
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