Are snow blocks considered rare?

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  1. Can I auction off a few stacks of snow blocks?
  2. No. Snow farms are easy to make in the wild
  3. No, they're easy to get with a spade and a snow biome / snowgolem. Think of rare items, such as an enderdragon egg.
  4. Rare Items currently only include unobtainable items you can not get in the shop which are: Dragon Eggs & Enchanted Items
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  5. Ok. I was just wondering because I saw the new auction guidelines but in the past there was an auction on 9 stacks of snow blocks.
  6. Wrong. That was me, and I was simply asking if anyone wanted to buy em from me. It wasn't an Auction, more of a "Selling" kind of thing. :)
  7. Oh. :/
  8. What's with everyone with slime and creeper skins.. It just seems sooo unoriginal.. Sorry for offtopicness..
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  9. Whats with you and waffles? It just seems toooooo delicious. Sorry for saying that.

    Bath Salts you know?
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  10. I have yet to see another person (save for ONE specific somebody) wearing the same skin I have. If you just use a slime body or a creeper body, that's unoriginal. I just like having my head as a slime, but everything else is just all over the place crazy. I have a slime skin for many different things: Superman, Batman, headphone/hoodie dude, astronaut, Master Chief, Doctor, Mage, Nobleman, Ironman, Aether Slime warrior dude, and others.

    Also, as long as you like the skin you have, I don't think it really matters. :p
  11. Love The Skin You're In
  12. Whose? Mines an Aether Slime.
  13. It is a slogan for some skin care product XD
  14. :eek: Lol
  15. Slime team!
  16. What about potions?
  17. Might as well just be enchanted items you cant get a dragon anywhere. Trust me, I've tried.
  18. I would say NO snow blocks are not rare due to the simple fact that they are EASY to make!