Are modern military games flawed?

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  1. I say yes but this question could be answered better with someone with military past and has been action.
  2. Isn't there someone in the military who plays emc?
  3. Quite a few of the mods are.
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  4. I considered most of the points in the article before. Why don't most games of this type not have their characters eat, sleep, or poo? Do they have loved ones or leave jobs and co-workers behind? There has to be a conflict and most people don't much care to dwell on the personalities and motivations of either side beyond what's relevant to put things in context of the story the player finds himself in.

    There has to be some sort of conflict and someone's got to be the other side. Most games draw on history, whether their treatment of it is actually accurate. I'm sure the tables could be turned on some of these scenarios and we could have "terrorists" defending their homes against "imperialist" invaders, but most games have either based their story on familiar events or fantasy and it's easier to do it from a one sided view.

    People have been telling stories like this since pre-history. Take the history depicted in the Bible, for example. Do you think the Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, Romans, etc. saw those events the same way? This tradition has continued into our media. Look at how American Indians, Germans, and Asians have been portrayed in American movies. Even when trying to turn the tables, they fall unintentionally into stereotypes. Pick pretty much any Disney movie and you'll see this.

    I see these tendencies in games like Starcraft and Warcraft. I see these tendencies in news reporting. You'll never have an accurate portrayal of anything. Ever. It's not the games that are flawed. We are. We are all flawed as storytellers and are inherently biased by our own life experiences and by those who have come before us.

    I've never seen anyone have their real life opinions changed by a game and if they did, I'd think they were a little kookoo anyway. I'm reminded of some of the movies I've watched and enjoyed, but that my wife can't stand to watch becuse of the violence or swearing. I get immersed in the plot. She hears swear words.

    I try to immerse myself in whatever the authors have set up or, at least, look past all that and enjoy the basic game.
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  5. Skip to 8:00 for more interesting discussion.
  6. why would i do that?
    Also if i started one I would be the Judge because I have an xbox and a ps3 and a gaming pc.
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