Are mob farms profitable?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Jan 10, 2012.


Would you pay Rupees to use a well run and organised Mob Farm?

Yes 6 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I've managed to discover three mob spawners within farting distance of each other and have got a very nice little Exp earner on the go.

    My question, is that if I were to spruce things up a bit, add some features to enable quick and safe Exp collection, etc, and supply swords, would people pay to come and grind the spawners to get their Exp up for enchanting? mobspawn.jpg
  2. i probably would :)
  3. the only issue i could see coming from this, griefing. if you made it widely known, it would get griefed very quickly. while i know i would personally pay out the face to just sit there and attack 3 spawners worth of zombies.. but you would probably be better keeping it a close secret with people you trust. and sell any great enchanted items you pick up there. It would bring way more money that way anyways.
  4. Hah, this Lock thing doesn't protect Spawners does it?

    That would be fantastic. :)
  5. I would.
  6. just make a room out of doors and trapdoors and lock them all, of course it WILL cost a fortune...
  7. 5k for 4 doors and a trapdoor? thats not too bad
  8. Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm................

    Timed usage. So 100r for ten minutes of Mob bashing for example. Once the time's up I hit a switch and the piston floors pull back and you drop to the exit. Next man in!

    Could be a right little earner. :)
  9. ISMOOCH is right - it will get griefed. How could you protect the pistons?

    My advice: go far far away into the wild, find a spawner, keep it quiet, make XP, realise your trap isnt good, pay me 20k to remake it, profit.
  10. I've got it pretty much sewn up tight. The spawners chuck out, between them, about ten zombies every 40 seconds which are pushed to the killing gallery by water coming down from the roof. Chop the sods up and the loot and exp is washed towards you by the water and appears outside of the killing gallery for you to collect at your leisure.

    I think I'll just go down the enchanting route. Much less hassle!

    I worked out that to protect everything I'd need about 30k. meh.