Are Creepers Blowing Up My Stuff?

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  1. I'll go out mining in the Wild, and I'll encounter a creeper. Normally, this isn't a problem, creepers never usually kill me, and when they do, I go back and get my stuff easily. Lately, though, when they blow me up, I die, and when I come back to where I died, my stuff is gone. All that's there is gunpowder and the blocks the creeper blew up. I would like to know why this is. It hasn't happened to me before the 1.2.4 update. I'm not asking for my stuff back, I just want to know why it's disappearing, if anyone knows why.
  2. I only lose like 3 or 4 hearts if im in iron armor. Did u put armor on?

    And i dont know why ur items are dissapearing, i have never even died by creeper :(
  3. I never wear armor. I never feel that I need it. Enemies aren't usually a threat to me.
  4. Obviously they are now...
    Likely all the bug fixes in 1.2.4 (and Justin's tweaks) are making the servers run a tad faster, which would explain dying more often. Although I still have no idea why the items would disappear...
    Could it be a glitch with the 'Piling Items' update that Justin added?
  5. Um....

    k....i'm just gonna leave this one alone
  6. A mix of tweaks and the new mob updates have definitely made the mobs behave differently. They are (FINALLY) dangerous to go out against. It took me by surprise the first few times I encountered them, but they are for sure no longer push overs.
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  7. if a second creeper blew up right after you died, it would destroy the items, this happened to me a few times when killing mobs at the OoO before wild reset.
  8. "Um..." what? I don't get it.
    That makes sense. It adds a challenge.
    There was only one creeper when it blew me up.