Are all empire servers the same? (except for utopia)?

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  1. Are all empire servers the same? (except for utopia)?
  2. Basically. Same plot size, same wild properties.
  3. Yes, The only difference is SMP1 has the Graveyard (It's were all the banned people go), SMP2 has the Park, Which is well, A park and SMP3 has an amusement park.
  4. Basically yes, all the towns are set out in the same way although there are different seeds for the wild. However: something you build on SMP1 wont be on SMP2 - only naturally generated things are the same, not player made.
  5. Utopia Is Different Because The Wild Isnt ( As Much ) A Nuclear Testing Ground
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  6. And only Diamond and Gold Supporters can claim a res and go to its other worlds