Are All EMC Servers down?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. I can't connect to any emc server.
  2. They are all Having problems right now, I believe ICC is rebooting
  3. I can still login but it is very very laggy at the moment.
  4. it is believed to be a networking issue, please be patient and everything will be fixed soon :)
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  5. I am not currently online, but there are still 130 people online... But this seems a bit low for it being a Saturday at this time. Probably safe to assume other people are/were having problems
  6. It's not a server issue as the lag is happening all around. Justin thinks it's a network issue. It's being looked into.
  7. Do you guys have a SLA or Uptime promise with your host provider? I would be asking for some of your monthly fee's back
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  8. Also, when the servers reboot, each one has to put each block back into the right place-in Town, the Wild, the Nether, and the End. As you can imagine, it causes lagomania.
  9. I can only connect to smp3
  10. Definitely a network issue.
  11. lol what if mc is updating to 1.3

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  12. My belief is that this if from the storms that have affected the area the servers are located in. Many internet services have been hit, including pages like Reddit, Netflix, and Instagram. And the majority of the power in DC and its suburbs (This includes NoVa, which I think the servers are located) has been lost, or low... I can literally walk down he road 2 blocks and see where the power stops... its creepy. but alot of internet traffic in general is being hurt by this, because alot of server farms sit in the Greater DC area.
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  13. We shall be restarting all the servers now. Will be down a few minutes, but based on our test, it should fix it.
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  14. You just through my hopes out the window into the street and get hit by a car
  15. well, in general the majority of the affected sites have had quick fixes, but the hiccup in power has caused issues in general.. such as this, where the connections are there.. just laggy...
  16. and its roadkill which the garbage truck picks up throws it in the truck and go to the dump and gets crushed and set on fire
  17. Thanks for looking into the issues by the way. After the reboot things are still a tad laggy.
  18. I cant get on utopia or smp7. :/ BUT I can get on smp4.
  19. It's showing 0 Members on most all the servers and two said they're getting ready to shut down.

    Also Kinda OT but MileHi logged into SMP7 and it said he's a mod but on his page he's a new member and isn't in staff list? :confused:
  20. Okay, great. :)