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  1. I am an average architect, and a pretty decent builder IMO. I have built and designed 4 residences, all designs are my own original work and get more complicated as I progressed as a builder. They are listed Below.

    SMP 4 - 8008

    SMP 3 - 6958

    Utopia - 5151

    SMP 8 - 16007

    I dont need much money, and for a project I like am actually willing to put resources/money towards it to help finish it. Will take as little as a 1kr commision for helping on a project, for as long as/up to the end of the product.

    I will take smaller, less robust jobs. Simple as clearing trees or collecting wood on a res, or digging out pits etc. Anything goes.
  2. how about a clock tower, no redstone?

    EDIT: You supply
  3. you could be co_owner of my new shop
  4. So.. just a tower with a clock face?
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  5. Is this a building job?