Archipelago of Umi - SMP5 Outpost

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  1. Archipelago of Umi

    Welcome to Umi.
    Umi is an outpost based on a archipelago in SMP5. The archipelago consists of multiple forest islands surrounded by deep sea. Umi is located is the most condensed area of the archipelago; many more stray islands are located near to us. Thanks to the surplus of deep sea, there is an ocean monument next to one of the main islands.
    Umi is Japanese for sea or ocean. Umi's location reflects Japan; mountainous islands, the larger in a smaller area and with smaller islands around them. The name Umi was born out of these characteristics. Umi was located on the 17th of July, 2015, and was officially claimed on the 18th of July by Dramanya.
    The future
    I hope that Umi will become a large outpost with extensive services and job roles. If many members join, I plan to add ranks and a 'plot' claiming service where members can claim islands to use as a private space. When there is enough to show, I will add screenshots of Umi.
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