Archery Game

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  1. Okay, so after noticing that my arrows despawn after only 10 seconds I thought it would be fun to build a little archery game. The goal is to hit the buttons to turn off the torches. When all the torches are off, the lamp turns on, letting you know that you've won. It's a pretty simple design and in concept works, but there's some inconsistencies in the despawn times of arrows. Arrows shot from my Flame/Infinity bow last about 10 seconds, arrows shot from a plain Infinity bow seem to last 3 to 4 seconds. If it were not for these inconsistencies I would have hooked up a dispenser to shoot prizes out at winners and charged access, but I wouldn't want anyone to have unfair advantages. So for now it's open to the public, if not a little hard to find. It's all the way downstairs on my second res on smp7, #14349.

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  2. update: instead of making you search my res for it, I put a TP pad near the entrance of my res. Just look for this:
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  3. This is cool! I like it!
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  4. Sweet! I will go check it out when I can!