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  1. I have one of 4 books signed by ArchdukeMelon, if you're interested in buying it then you can PM me. I'm not saying that I will sell it, but if I see an offer I like then I might consider it.

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  2. You can trade the book in itself for 20k. o.o
  3. I'll give you 19,999 rupees for it.
  4. 1000% profit...
  5. Bump, this book is obviously a baseline of 20,000 but if someone wants this as a collectors item or for a museum then I assume they'd pay a bit more since it's 1 out of 4 in existence :)
  6. Technically there are 5 books with his sig :p Those 4 and mine :D
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  7. I stand corrected then :p
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