Ar-15 build

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  1. so im currently building an ar-15, anyone got any mod ideas?
  2. confused ls clarify
  3. Ar15? Code Name? Weapon? Video game? Argon 15? 15 Rs? So much questions..
  4. ar-15 assault rifle
  5. for those who are confused, he's asking about modification ideas for his assault rifle on a minecraft forum.
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  6. This way it'll actually serve a purpose! Can chop some wood when you need a fire!

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  7. What's the application?
  8. Flame throwers and a sound system that only plays the national anthem.
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  9. Pew pew noises when you shoot
  10. If and when you get the money, get a forward grip and 2 30 round mags. I was shooting a AR-15 at some "ex" targets with a 10 round mag. You want to have the extra 20 for the fun. They are rare btw but worth it.

    If you can you can get a red dot sight and a laser if you wanted. I would love to have a night time scope for coyotes.
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  11. Not if he lives in Colorado like me, or probably other states that prohibit the sale of mags over 10 or 15 rounds. :(
  12. You can still get them in pawn shops if your lucky enough
  13. Depending on the state, 30 rounders are illegal.

    Also, what's your budget?
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  14. Assuming a 16 inch barrel, and sub $1000 budget, I would recommend using a UTG keymod rail, 12 inch. Find a stubby vertical grip, and mount it as far forward as you can. I use a Vortex Strikefire II, and I love it. If you plan on hunting small game, Nikon's P223 is what I had, and it helped take the rifle to a 1.5 inch group at 100. Look at Bravo Company pistol grips, they're a bit more vertical, and that let's you access the controls more easily. I use an ultralite stock, but I can't remember the name. I can look tonight.
  15. Need good optics. I like the Vortex StrikeFire II & have it on mine. It's not overly expensive, around $200 and while not top of the line, it certainly isn't bad. I like a good scope/sight but I do think sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. I have had gun shop owners & friends tell me that I should spend as much (if not more) on my optics than I did on my rifle. Ugh. That's not always possible, especially when trying to live on a budget. It would be nice to have the disposable income to be able to afford all the fun stuff I want ;) Good luck with your build!
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  16. My stock is the MFT Battlelink Minimalist. I was originally worried that it would snag on things, so i ran some paracord across the hooked bottom to streamline it. If you're making an accurized rifle, I would look more towards something with more cheek support like the Magpul ACS. Either way, stick with a free float hand guard.

    Also, for that optic, it's able to be magnified, so you can get some stretch out of it. The dot is a 4 MOA, so it's not like a scope, but it'll give you a bit better target picture.

    If you don't want it for range, and are just making a fun rifle, definitely go for lighter weight. My rail is going to go soon, replaced by a keymod rail to remove some weight from the front end.

    This is the rifle when I had the optic and bipod on it, the one in the foreground.

    Here it is now, new optic, no bipod.
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