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  1. Aprili Trolls day is coming up on the 23rd. This day is similar to april fools, just instead you troll people. Be kind, though, but remember to make this day last. Next one is on the 17th of May next year. For this April Trolls day, I'm going to RICKROLL every telemarketer that calls me. Also I might even play the trololo song! Look these songs up on youtube and find them on knowyourmeme.com. What are you going to do in April Trolls day? Leave your reply in the...err..replies section. Where else? TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO(remember. only trolling. don't be an orc. just a troll. be a good person or santa troll won't give you a beard this Christmas.I'm serious
  2. Aww i get a Troll beard every year for christmas :(
  3. aww thanks for the support. i camped the forums and in 5 seconds already got a fast reply. your a fast typist like me
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  4. ohoho im ppretty fast on my phone you see but my spelling is probably waaay off :D
  5. if this is true.... I see a couple people getting banned on this day..