[April 3rd, 2013] MOB ARENA

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  1. Mob Arena starting in 10 minutes on SMP5! Come to SMP5 and type /v mobarena

    There's a good chance that you WILL die. Don't bring anything with you that you're not okay with losing!

    The winner get's all the loot that's dropped during the arena.
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  2. May the force be with you in this round.
  3. On my way!
  4. This is early...
    ps. thats good lol
  5. at least it is actually happening when its supposed to this week...
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  6. We do them when we're able. :)
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  7. Heyaroo won round 1! Round 2 will start in about 10 more minutes.
  8. dang it, I missed it again... *sigh*
  9. I hit the first pigmen of round 2 =D
  10. ItsMeMatheus won round 2.

  11. Final round will start with a wither battle :)
  12. My gosh, does anyone get lag?
    I got so much lag, that that was my LAST mob arena
  13. Yeah it does get a little intense with all the mobs in one spot.
  14. I missed it :(
  15. Yay thanks for holding this earlier :D And congrats to the other winners!
  16. I will not miss it next time :D
  17. Final winner was talukegord. Thanks for playing everyone!
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  18. Hahaha! Lasted 15 sec in round 1! Congrats to heyaroo in being champion of the mobs!

    Here are a few pics from round 1:

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  19. I missed it again. :( Oh well. :p
  20. What texture packs/mods do you use?