[Approved] Gilead outpost

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  1. I placed a locked chest in utopolia, and I would like to establish an outpost approximately 100 blocks northwest of my chest. Am I far enough away from everyone? I don't want to build a mansion only to find out I can't. Thanks:)
  2. Approved. Enjoy your building.

    Edit: Approved move of locked chest.
  3. Hello people of the Empire! I have officially started Gilead Outpost! It is on Utopia, at the edge of an ocean, with a multitude of biomes close by. I am looking for 3 or 4 easy going, open minded and creative people to help found and build here. The purposes of this outpost will be for ORGANIZED MINING, (the scenery will remain in tact), community farms and buildings, and a safe stop for frontier explorers. I am not a dictator, I am very open minded. I would like this to be a city counsel type governed outpost that gathers resources in a more traditional Minecraft style than just afking at huge farms or mall shopping. I would like some autofarms, the first being a iron and gold farm, along with crops and the basics. So if you are burnt out from endless mall stocking or trade emeralds for hours on end and need a getaway or a fresh start, this is the perfect opportunity for you. It is a short trip from town, so endertopia is still accessible for xp farming. Please send me a private message if you have any interest in this project. Thanks! :)
  4. A small update to the status of Gilead: Gold and Iron Farms are up and running! After a long week of building, myself, Kevmeup, and Ethanj1212, we now have a steady supply of metals coming in! The next task is to build a nice base/Home. If you are an experienced builder looking to be part of an outpost in utopia, pm me. We could use a talented designer/ builder.
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