[Approved] Froston

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  1. Froston is a nice and calm place. Enjoy the warm crackle of the fireplace, or gnaw down on some delicious bread. Getting here is a huge challenge, and it's worth it in the end. We have a storehouse for trusted members (don't come in unless you're trusted!)

    Our goals

    • Build a mob grinder
    • Obtain more members
    • Expand the town
    • Get approved

    Our people

    Current members :
    • WowzewoW (Founder)
    • Randuur (Co-Founder)
    • KNA9595 (Member)

    Our rules

    • NO building. Only builders are allowed to build.
    • NO hoarding resources at the storehouse.
    • All of EMC's rules

    To join, you must get accepted by either me or Randuur.
    Coordinates of first locked chest : X : 1759 Z : 16639
    We hope you join! :D

    P.S. Anyone without a house can live in the boarding house.
    • WowzewoW (Founder)
    • Randuur (Co-Founder)
  2. Okay, the mystery man is discovered. He's called KNA9595.

    And...has seemed to join my village?

  3. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I'm the other member of this town. KNA9595 is my son, and therefore I can verify that WowzewoW built in the area first. I give permission for him to claim the area.
  4. Approved, Enjoy your building,
    Do you want this thread left open or closing?
  5. I seem to already be in the list, but either way I approve of joining this village! As well as following the rules and stuff.

    Sorry about that front design thing. I'll keep my tentacle structures underground or out of bounds from now on.
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