[Appraisal] 63 Enchanted ppicks

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  1. Looking to sell the following unused diamond picks in a bundle. I was looking for a price for the total picks which include :
    Silk Touch Unb III x 29
    Unb III Eff IV x 10
    Unb III Eff III x 4
    Unb III x 3
    Eff IV x 4
    Unb III Fortune III Eff IV x 4
    Unb III Fortune II Eff IV x 3
    Fortune II Eff IV x 2
    Silk Touch Eff IV x 1
    Unb III Eff IV Silk Touch x 1
    Fortune III x 1
    Fortune III Eff IV x 1
  2. I'm going to give an estimate of, A LOT.
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  3. Bumpidy bump!
  4. I would say
    but truthly at least 25k just depends how the auction goes
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  5. I would think a bit higher than 25k
  6. well i see unbreaking III silk touch picks often sold for 800-1200 r a piece
    and the rest of the picks would go for a bit over 30k combined

    now my numbers are based on shop prices not what you would get from an auction
  7. Low ball would be 25k and 40k is reaching the top
  8. i would go with Dwight's number if your going to auction them all off at the same time
  9. Maybe 45 to 50K at max, I don't know, I'm not good at appraisal.