[Application] Empire Minecraft Tutorial VIdeos.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Frodomann1, May 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys Frodomann1 here, many of you may have seen my videos regarding the Empire Minecraft 10 commandments. These were a *big* success and they even were featured on the front page. A few of you may remember the tutorial videos I made a few weeks before those... If you watched them you would know that they were kind of a fail. I plan to remake these. They will be bigger, better, higher quality (in both video and voice acting), and they will be done right. I am accepting ANY help in making these. More people to talk/act in the videos would be appreciated. I am accepting anyone for part time help and I am looking for one or two permanent co-hosts. If you would like to apply please PM me. I am thinking of having you create a 1 minute video explaining something simple in the guide. If I like your ability to talk; then you have yourself a position in my upcoming videos. If you are annoying, whiny, or otherwise not good then I respectfully ask you to not send in a application.
  2. Can i act in on of the videos and when will be the time when we perform/act
    My position could be anything
  3. I will probably be pretty spontaneous with the times for separate videos. I might set a certain date/time but it is usually hard for people to follow that. If you want to help by actually voicing some of the tutorials then I need to hear your voice first.
  4. I would be interested in anything in some videos but one question what are you using for the voice overs.
  5. Meaning how would I get the peoples voices to my computer? I use a High-quality teamspeak that I co-host. It has the best sound quality and is only hampered by the other persons microphone.