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iPad or iPod?

iPad 3 vote(s) 23.1%
iPad2 1 vote(s) 7.7%
iPad3 5 vote(s) 38.5%
iPod2 1 vote(s) 7.7%
iPod3 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Ipod4 3 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. Well, I love my new iPad3. It is amazing. And it takes better pictures than what the human eye can see! Anyways, when it comes to computers I like both, but prefer a PC way more than an Apple. It just seems right. But I hate tablets, they are terrible and can only do half of what and iPad3 can do. i used to own an iPod2 but then I sold it to my sister for $100 and went to a Academy were paper is unheard of, just iPads!:D

    Anyways this thread is just to discuss Apple apps, and stuffz like that. I like all apps(except ones that are innapropriate and crude). Feel free to recommend any app that you want or have, I will look into it.

    I do have some apps that I recommend to anyone who has an iPad or iPod.
    -Dragonvale: Amazing, really fun and free! *****
    -Subway Surfers: A temple run only modern day and ten times better! *****
    -Whale Trail- Fun and Addicting. ****
    -F-18 Carrier Flight Simulation Lite/ Full: AMAZING flight simulator. The best one for the iPad and/or the iPod. *****
    -Flow Free: Fun and Addicting!!!!!! *****
    -GarageBand: Amazing, feels like you are actually playing that instrument! *****
    -LightBike2: Fun and you are able to compete with freinds easily!! ****

    Those are all the main apps that I want to share. Awesome Apps.
    If you do a review please put it like this:

    GameCenterName*(If you have one)-App Name: Your Discription. A 1-5 Star rating!

    * If you have a Game Center Name highlight it in PURPLE and if you have multiple app reviews just put it in one, then list them of doing -*whatever*. If you want to not recommend an app that is fine, I mean if you hated an app, I would want to know personally so I wouldn't get it.
    So? What are you waiting for?
    Carpe Scientiam!
  2. Le Game Center: Minecraft_Creeper
    iPad 1 FTW!
  3. I have a Zune................jk only have iPhone and my old iPod hmm I would say 100 rogues is better good game
  4. Whats paper?
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  5. MInecraft pocket edition: really fun but 6.99 update should come to morrow
  6. You are aware that Apple computers are PCs and iPads are tablets, I hope? The distinction "Mac or PC" and "iPad and tablet" makes no sense, because you're comparing a subset with its superset.

    Now, I have an Android tablet. According to you, it should only be able to do half of what your iPad can do. I have very strong doubts you can name very many things that your iPad can do that my tablet cannot.

    I'm not really interested in starting a discussion or hijacking your Apple thread, but I can't simply let such misunderstandings and false assertions slide without leaving a comment. Enjoy your iPad, but don't go around thinking you're somehow superior because of it.
  7. ^^ You do know a mac and PC is different? PC is an actual term to describe a Windows computer. But I have to agree with the tablet argument.
  8. PC = Personal Computer. The Macintosh computers are personal computers. If you really want to get technical, the computers that run Windows today are what's known as IBM PC compatible. The Commodore 64 was also a PC. And the Amiga family computers were PCs too.
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  9. I love Apple, and the iPad 2 is great. The first 2 generations of their tech goodies are fantastic, but eventually they just become somewhat minor improvements.
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  10. I'm typing this one my iPad one
    It's reliable and I love it
    I also have a iPhone, and gave my iPod to my mom.
    I have a iPod nano and some other iPods
  11. Me too. I love my iPad.