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  1. Gentleman, after weeks of painful research I've come to realize that EMC has all what i'd love to have on a server, despite my previous rages, bad behaviour and flamin threads on different several members (wich i totally still believe and stick to my words).

    So here I am, back again into EMC, with the formal commitement onto not dealing any more drama than what I created, sticking into playing MY game and let others play theirs.

    So this is a public apology to whoever might feel harrassed by any comments I made

    This beeing said and done... lets get the party started shall we?
  2. Did I miss something? :confused:
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  3. RaNiSiMa, I can say I've never felt harassed or insulted by you, and that I enjoyed debating with you a few times.

    That said, I'm sure others that may have felt otherwise will appreciate this. Good on ya. :D
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  4. I agree on you that debating was great, however others felt it was a direct attack at them... reason where drama started from, and it all diverted into I say u say stuff... since idk them other's intentions on quitting the drama, i decided to do it myself and preach with the example.

    From now on, stuff will be different
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  5. I believe this is an epic way to show good attitudes, hope you do good with this new life 'style' :)
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  6. now change my signature...
  7. ow yeah...LOL I will do ASAP :)
  8. Lol if you dont know what this is all about, then this thread wasnt meant to address you =)
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  9. You posted this on the forms. Anyone can post. :)
  10. i never said u couldnt post, just saying this wasnt addressed to you
  11. Already debating. xD
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  12. oh snap!
  13. I appreciate that you came out calm and peaceful saying your sorry to all the rage comments, I like debating since we do that everyday in my history class but not with rage or anger. Nice to have you back!
  14. I suppose I should say Welcome Back too :p *officially* at least hehe.
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  15. To be honest, in the few debates I had with you, although I didn't appreciate the way you worded things, your arguments still had some truth behind them for the most part (which I came to realize several minutes after quitting the debate out of agitation).

    I hope that we can still have debates, just with a bit more civility :) Way to be good sir
  16. This thread should be locked. He has left the server through his own demise.