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  1. Hi EMC. I am here to give you all an apology. I am really sorry for always moving and resting my residence. The reason for this is I either get no good feedback or just people say its bad or are just mean about my builds. I always plan out my builds before I build them on EMC so I do my best, and usually my builds will in someway benefit the community. From now on please ignore all my last threads I have posted, I would like to start fresh. The next build I am planning will not get reset because I am very excited to build this and it will benefit you guys (I will make a thread for it soon). Please EMC, accept my apology.
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  2. I used to reset my res a lot because no one liked it so the few donations i got went nowhere. :(
  3. I have never moved my res :L
    I reset It once and before I had a major grief party around 100 days ago which is epic. 2013-06-21_12.40.57.png
  4. I liked the shop you made recently! ~FD
  5. *cough* I kind of burned that place down :p *cough*
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  6. Thanks, no one liked the prices but a few people.... I guess they don't know their prices :p
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  7. Smp2 was flooded. I remember when Sam was trying to get the Dcs of Dcs of wool while we were all burning it down and Ripping it apart :D 2013-06-21_12.38.17.png
  8. Me too :p
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