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  1. Has anyone ever heard of this? I just saw a video of it on Youtube. I love these kinds of games and I would like to see what it's about. Please let me know.
  2. There's a facility on the internet called "Google". It can be quite useful for this sort of thing. You just put in what you want to search for (e.g. "Ao Oni"), and it finds websites that have information about it.

    Amongst the first few Google results are...

    1. TVTropes,

    "Ao Oni is a Japanese indie horror game, created with RPG Maker XP. It follows the adventure of four teenagers who go into an abandoned mansion (which is supposedly haunted) in order to investigate...
    Provided inspiration for Heta Oni, an Axis Powers Hetalia-themed parody/reinterpretation. Other games inspired by it include Aka Oni, Siro Oni, Niji Oni, Hakkyou Oni, Gon Oni, and Ao Oni S.Keep in mind that with different revisions of the game may have significant differences within the plot.The game can be downloaded for free here"

    2. It has it's own wikia;
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  3. I know, I just wanted to see if anyone on here knew anything about it before I looked for official info. But thanks anyone, I won't get any sleep now.
  4. There's nothing official about the above info; but it's likely to have more information than passing posters here.
  5. I was tempted to do exactly that; but, it kinda wasn't the very first hit, so I thought I'd try to be nice about it. Even though it does kinda bug me when people constantly ask questions which they could get the answer to much faster by just searching for themselves.
  6. I completely disagree with the statements above. I MUCH prefer talking to people in a forum first before going to Google. That's the POINT of a forum. Sure if this game had been discussed in great detail already and he asked AGAIN, I can see a POLITE push to the other forums.

    This has ALWAYS bugged me about popular forum sites like Gamefaqs. If you personally don't want to help the person, simply don't reply to it. The point of our gaming forum here is to discuss gaming things like he's trying to do. No need to prevent that. :)

    I know I go against the majority here since it's a general internet rule to be as unhelpful as possible, but lets try and keep that stuff out of EMC, as a favor to me. :p
  7. Damm! I was gunna do that! You beat me to it lol. :)
  8. Didn't I help though? I answered their question quite well, I thought.
  9. Yours was a rare occurrence. I was more so speaking for what generally happens when someone refers someone to use Google without taking the time to actually help them as well. While Google is great, human reactions/interactions are 10x better, imo.
  10. I ask people at work questions even if its in a knowledge base, since this gets me talking to people
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    You could start another thread about this thread?

    Or quote lots of people, you mean? You can do that by using 'reply' and copy/pasting the code from each, like for example,

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