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  1. Anyone plays Maplestory? Like seriously everyone whom i met doesn't even know about Minecraft in Maplestory and the same goes for people who play Minecraft. Its a 2D side scrolling RPG game which is awesome!
  2. maplestory has been around for so long that most have forgotten about it lol
  3. I used to play, but I lost interest... I bought the Logitech PC control with free Maple Story items (A controller chair and some perks) around June 2011. I only played that because it worked on my dial-up connection in Honduras... I don't even have the client installed anymore... :confused:
  4. Back then I used to play something else instead... Silkroad Online, oh my. I wonder if its still available to play.
  5. Lol now it changed alot. I have a lv 187 Wild Hunter.
  6. I play combats arms, but now im into MW3 and BF3
  7. I play Team Fortress 2
  8. I play Minecraft on :cool:
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  9. Lol.Any other games?
  10. Currently, no. :) I am hooked on the Empire... :D
  11. How much time do you get to play games while holding up a career in the army?
  12. I get up at 0400 almost daily. This allows me 1 hour before driving to base to read the Empire forums, email, facebook, weather, and my bank accounts when necessary. I also get dressed and have my 1st breakfast (raisin bran, multivitamin and Zoloft) during that time. In the evenings I usually get home at 1730. I do the same thing... Empire forums, facebook, email, and strip out of the uniform while doing these things in addition to putting together a quick dinner. At 1800 it is Skype time with the wife, 1 hour minimum. (She is in Honduras, I am in Georgia. We don't have the money for her Visa application yet.) 1900 take my Seroquel. 1900-2000 Empire. 2000-0400 fitful sleep.. (Meds kick in at 2000.)
    Weekends, a bit different. Wake at 0600 for hygiene, 0620 bowl of cereal with daily Zoloft, Empire forums and smp1. Play until motivation runs dry or a pressing matter finally comes up... 1800-2000 Skype with wife. 2000 take Seroquel. 2100-0600 sleep, typically fitful...
    Last day off, Empire from 0620-1500. 1500-1800 Prep for work. 1800 take Seroquel. 1800-1900 Skype with wife. 1900-0400 sleep (typically fitful)...

    *I have PTSD, resonating TBI issues, severe anxiety issues, sleep issues, traumatic nightmares, manic depressive episodes...

    I wish this were a lie, only from a health perspective... The periods of inactivity are insane... :confused:
  13. Im sorry that must be terrible trying to sleep in conditions like that with sleep issues, but I guess everybody pays a price to defend our country
  14. Good lord, man. I'll be totally honest: I don't envy you one bit. It sounds like torture :confused:.
  15. We all have a role to play in this world... I have sacrificed many things to come to understand what is important to me and what is of no significance at all... It is a hard road to travel but I would not change my past because who I am today and what I have is because of the struggle I had to put in while I was/am still young... I have many side effects from the experiences but the benefits still outweigh the downfalls. I found a woman who loves me for me and in addition I gained an entire family who loves and supports me more than my biological family ever has....
    I am a graduate of a hard knock life.. Both good and bad lessons learned along the way.. Although things sometimes seem hopeless, I always look for the silver lining on every single storm cloud... :)

    I have been drinking soju and Mountain Dew for 6 hours now, full bottle down and still no sleep... I have an affinity for alcohol that would kill a normal human being but being introduced to drinking in the 82nd Airborne Division has made me into a professional drinker...